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Message from the Editors

The School Psychology Training and Pedagogy (SPTP) editorial team is excited to share their goals for the journal’s direction: (1) Advance pedagogy and training through reflection and practice; (2) Encompass the varied levels, settings, and topics represented in school psychology graduate training; and (3) Examine and respond to the sociocultural context in which training occurs. The team invites SPTP readers to join in pursuit of these goals.

General Issue | Call for Papers

SPTP is seeking articles that address anti-racist pedagogy, online teaching strategies and programming with an emphasis on lessons learned during the pandemic, and other general topic articles. More information can be found under Aims and Scope.

Celebrating 1 Year of SPTP!

It has been one year since the relaunch of SPTP!

To thank our community of trainers, TSP members, editorial board members, and SPTP authors, we are offering a free bundle of articles that focus on supporting graduate student development. We believe these articles are an especially timely resource given the increasingly globalized, tech-forward, and racialized school environments for which we are preparing our students:

  • Broems, V. M. & Jackson, M. A. (2020). Exploring White Privilege Conceptions with White School Psychology Graduate Students. Trainers’ Forum, 37(2), 10-29.

  • Hazel, C. E. & Segler, L. J. (2019). Utilizing a Vertical Model to Train School Psychology Students in Supervision: Reflections and Training Implications. Trainers’ Forum, 36(1), 18-27.

  • Luh H. & La Salle, T. (2020). International Students in School Psychology: Strengths, Challenges, and Supports. Trainers’ Forum, 37(1), 44-53.

  • McPherson, C., Karahalios, V., & Shriberg, D. (2017). Service-Learning as a Mechanism to Prepare School Psychology Graduate Students: A Case Example. Trainers’ Forum, 34(2), 18-36.

  • Sullivan, J. R. (2018). Teaching Child and Adolescent Psychopathology: An Exploratory Study Comparing Traditional and Hybrid Formats. Trainers’ Forum, 35(1), 1-9.

  • Vega, D., Arellano, J. I., & Carrillo, G. L. (2016). The Under-Identification of Autism among Latino Youth: Improving Culturally Competent Training in School Psychology Programs. Trainers’ Forum, 34(1), 42-53.

Thank you for supporting SPTP! We hope that you enjoy these articles as a resource for your teaching and training programs.

We look forward to another year of exceptional submissions and publications!

About Journal

SPTP, formerly known as the Trainers' Forum, is a double-masked, peer-reviewed, and indexed journal featuring original articles relevant to the preparation of school psychologists. The journal is designed for a readership of trainers who shape the field of school psychology, including graduate instructors, field supervisors, teaching assistants, and scholars.


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Guest Editor: Dr. Tammy Hughes

SPTP Special Issue: Understanding program accreditation and approval in school psychology, part 2


Stratton-Gadke, K. (2021). Trainers of School Psychologists 2020-2021 annual report. School Psychology Training and Pedagog, 38(3), v.

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Hughes, T. & Hulac, D. (2021). Understanding program accreditation and approval in school psyychology - part two: School psychology accreditation and workforce develpment. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (3), vi-vii.

TSP Members: Visit the TSP archive


Hess, R. & Carrizales, K. (2021). If you build it, they will come: Creating psychology internships in rural communities. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (3), 1-11.

TSP Members: Visit the TSP archive


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Doll, B. (2021). The tension between accreditation and quality of school psychology programs. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (3), 21-32.

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Past Issue Author Spotlights

SPTP SJ special_Guest editors.mp4

Williams, S., Cooper, J., & Shriberg, D. (2021). Social justice, anti-racism and school psychology: Reconciling with our past to build an equitable future. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (1), 1-10

SPTP SJ special_Castro et al 2021a.mp4

Castro-Villarreal, F., Sullivan, J. & Villarreal, V. (2021). Social justice training in school psychology through a university-school service learning partnership. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (1), 11-23

SPTP SJ special_Rinke Williams.mp4

Rinke, C. R., Williams, S. A. S., Conlin, V. & Coshal, S. (2021) Shaping an inclusive higher education curriculum: Building capacity for transformational change. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (1), 24-36

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