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SPTP, formerly known as the Trainers' Forum, is a double-masked, peer-reviewed, and indexed journal featuring original articles relevant to the preparation of school psychologists. The journal is designed for a readership of trainers who shape the field of school psychology, including graduate instructors, field supervisors, teaching assistants, and scholars.

Message from the Editors

The School Psychology Training and Pedagogy (SPTP) editorial team is excited to share their goals for the journal’s direction: (1) Advance pedagogy and training through reflection and practice; (2) Encompass the varied levels, settings, and topics represented in school psychology graduate training; and (3) Examine and respond to the sociocultural context in which training occurs. The team invites SPTP readers to join in pursuit of these goals. 


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New Special Issue Alert 

SPTP  is excited to announce a call for abstracts for a forthcoming special issue of School Psychology Training and Pedagogy (SPTP) titled, "Integrating Technology into the Education and Training of School Psychologists." This special issue will be guest edited by Drs. S. Kathleen Krach, Rob Dixon, and Shengtian Wu.

Please find a description of the call here. Abstracts should be emailed to the three Guest Editors, S. Kathleen Krach (, Rob Dixon (, and Shengtian Wu (, by February 1, 2024.

Invitations for full-length manuscripts will be sent out by March 1, 2024. All inquiries should be directed to the Guest Editors.

Call for Papers | General Articles

SPTP is seeking articles or special issue themes that address teaching strategies and programming with an emphasis on lessons DEIJA pedagogy,  online and tech-focused approaches, and other pedagogical topics. More information can be found under Aims and Scope.

2022 | Issue 39 Award Winners

Article of the Year

Truth Seeking, Truth Telling, and Deep Listening: Disrupting Colonialism with Indigenous-Centered Frameworks in School Psychology Preparation

Authored by Katheryne T. Leigh-Osroosh, Carol Robinson-Zañartu, Bryanna Kinlicheene, and Meghan Koos.

This award is given to an article that we believe has contributed to the growth and forward momentum of the journal through the quality and timeliness of its content. In accordance with the stated mission of our journal, SPTP recognizes that this article has advanced the field through its lens on training practices, innovative and critical thinking, consideration of systemic issues, and applicable and useful information for trainers. 

Abbreviated Abstract: Indigenous students face the continued presence of colonialist education which acts to disconnect, silence, and disrupt the strengthening of identity and cultural sovereignty. This article proposes a collaborative Indigenous-centered framework to prepare school psychologists to support the development of Indigenous students and address impacts of intergenerational trauma. Specifically, it argues that Indigenous-centered frameworks in school psychology training should include four critical domains: transformative learning, survivance, transformational resistance, and giving back to Indigenous communities. The Native and Indigenous Scholars Project (NAISP) is analyzed as an example of how an interprofessional project (with school counseling) can be used to augment graduate training in school psychology using Indigenous-centered frameworks to facilitate critical conscious raising, evolution of identity, and advocacy via integration of Indigenous knowledge systems in evidence-based interventions, resilience strategies, and survivance while contributing to Tribal communities.

Honorable Mentions: Article of the Year Finalists

Farmer, R., McGill, R., Lockwood, A., Dombrowski, S., Canviez, G., & Zaheer, I. (2022). Warning signs for hype in school-based assessment: Implications for training and pedagogy. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 39(1).

Malone, C. & Harper, E. (2023). Liberatory mentoring as an inclusion strategy for racial and ethnic minoritized students. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 39(2).

Reviewer of the Year

Dawn Tysinger, PhD., Georiga Southern University

SPTP recognizes the value of our Editorial Board to the stated mission of our journal and the advancement of the field. This award is given to an Editorial Board member who we believe has contributed to the growth and forward momentum of the journal through the quality, timeliness, and quantity of their reviews.


Article Previews


Letter from the Guest Editors

Conclusion to the Special Series: Supporting Faculty Success through Connection, Strategy, and Giving Back 

Pamela A. Fenning, Sarah Valley-Gray, Abigail M. Harris, Hannah M. Terrell, & Linda A. Cartolano

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), v-viii


Value in Connecting, Discovering, and Navigating Professional Networks and Associations 

Kasee Stratton

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), 1-7


Collaborative Relationships Between University Educators and Field-based Practitioners as the Key to Demystifying and Revitalizing Both Graduate Training and Service Delivery

Dennis J. Simon, Joseph S. Prus, & Mark E. Swerdlik

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), 8-22


The ABCs of School Psychology Program Accreditation

Abigail M. Harris, Hannah M. Terrell, Sarah Valley-Gray, & Pamela A. Fenning

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), 23-47


Unanticipated Effects of a Pandemic: Changes in Beliefs About Distance Education in School Psychology 

S. Kathleen Krach, Robert J. Dixon, Bradley S. Bloomfield, & Aaron J. Fischer 

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), 48-61


Thriving as Mid-career Faculty: Promoting Environments that Help Faculty Stay Engaged, Productive and Fulfilled

Bryn Harris, Lyndsay Jenkins, & Lindsay Fallon

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), 62-71


The Aspiring Professor: A Crafting Framework to Promote Joy and Self-Expression in the Academy

Devadrita Talapatra, Cynthia E. Hazel, & Kayla McCreadie

School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 40(1), 72-96

Past Author Spotlight Videos

SPTP SJ special_Castro et al 2021a.mp4

Castro-Villarreal, F., Sullivan, J. & Villarreal, V. (2021). Social justice training in school psychology through a university-school service learning partnership. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (1), 11-23 

Parker et al._Video.mp4

Parker, J. S., Castillo, J. M., Gills, P. & Troutman, A. (2022). School psychologists’ perspectives and experiences regarding learning to be culturally responsive. School Psychology Training and Pedagogy, 38 (4), 14-31.

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