Editorial Team


Leandra Parris, Ph.D.

William & Mary

Dr. Parris is an assistant professor of school psychology at William and Mary. Her research interests include the use of multiple methods to investigate student coping with peer victimization, trauma-informed services in schools, and the influence of technology and social media on youth well-being. Her guiding framework is one of social justice, with efforts across training, leadership, and research focused on promoting socially just practices in school psychology and education. Dr. Parris is excited to bring this focus to SPTP, recognizing the potential and responsibility of the journal to help create a more inclusive and equitable future for the field.

Devadrita Talapatra, Ph.D.

University of Denver

Dr. Talapatra is an assistant professor of school psychology at the University of Denver. Her research goals include the use of qualitative methodology to explore and deconstruct barriers for individuals with intellectual and developmental (IDD) in educational, vocational, and social setting; and, enhance the training of school psychologist so they are active participants in services for youth with IDD. Dr Talapatra's teaching, service, and scholarship are guided by the tenets of Dis/Crit, and she is excited to bring a training viewpoint embedded in inclusivity, disability, and diversity to the journal.

Advisory Council

Randy Floyd, Ph.D.

University of Memphis

Tammy Hughes, Ph.D.

Duquesne University

Celeste Malone, Ph.D.

Howard University

Andrew Roach, Ph.D.

Georgia State University

Journal Aides

Paul B. Jantz, Ph.D.

Journal Layout & Production Specialist

Texas State University

Jill Talley, M.A.

Editorial Assistant

University of Denver

Alexus McKoy

Copy Editor

William & Mary

Editorial Review Board

Kathleen Aspiranti, Ph.D.

University of Kentucky

Carrie Ball, Ph.D.

Indiana State University

Stacy L. Bender, Ph.D.

University of Massachusetts Boston

Alan W. Brue, Ph.D.

Capella University

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Chapman University

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Grand Valley State University

Heejung Chun, Ph.D.

Pukyong National University

Tony Crespi, Ed.D.,

University of Hartford

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Duquesne University

Lori Neal Fernald, D.Ed.

The Citadel

Daniel Gadke, Ph.D.

Mississippi State University

Sara Golomb, Ph.D.

Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Thomas J. Gross, Ph.D.

Western Kentucky University

Aaron A. Gubi, Ph.D.

Kean University

John D. Hall, Ph.D.

Arkansas State University

Michael Hass, Ph.D.

Chapman University

Cynthia E. Hazel, Ph.D.

University of Denver

Erin E.C. Henze, Ph.D.

University of Detroit Mercy

Alyce Hopple, Ph.D.

Indiana State University

Judith Kaufman, Ph.D.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

S. Kathleen Krach, Ph.D.,

Florida State University

Chieh Li, Ed.D.

Northeastern University

Adam Lockwood, Ph.D.

Western Kentucky University

Hao-Jan Luh, Ph.D.

Eastern Illinois University

Angela Mann, Ph.D.

University of North Florida

Eric M Mesmer, Ph.D.

Radford University

Emilie Ney, Ph.D.

Barry University

Elizabeth M. Power, Ed.D.

The College of Saint Rose

Stephanie A Rahill, Ph.D.

Georgian Court University

Ethan J. Schilling, Ph.D.

Western Carolina University

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University of Northern Iowa

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Grand Valley State University

Jill D. Sharkey, Ph.D.

University of California, SB

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University of Northern Iowa

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Emory University

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University of Colorado Denver

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Mississippi State University

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University of Texas at San Antonio

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Gallaudet University

Dawn Tysinger, Ph.D.

Georgia Southern University

Richard W. VanVoorhis, D.Ed.

Youngstown State University

Cixin Wang, Ph.D.

University of Maryland, College Park

Gabrielle Wilcox, Psy.D.

University of Calgary

Jamie Zibulsky, Ph.D.

Fairleigh Dickinson University